Wonders of Teaching Abroad

I have always enjoyed teaching abroad. I only substitute taught for 1 year after graduation. After that, my world wind abroad life started.

I originally wanted to be in the program, Teach for America. If you were to ask me in college, “Kristina, what student population would you ideally teach?”

My answer was always, “Inner-city.” There was no doubt in my mind it would be anywhere but inner-city. I knew it would be tough and challenging. However, after several interviews and a young looking face, nothing seemed to begin as a career.


My first splash in international teaching was through another program called World Teach. This is a volunteer program. You can do both summer programs or year-long programs. Fundraising is important to do so this experience is either little or no cost to you. However, my summer program in China changed my life!


After China, I moved to Kuwait where I met the love of my life. We moved to Caracas, Venezuela and experienced the beginning or government protests. And currently, I am heading to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia!

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