Venezuela- Weeks of Protests


Weeks of protests. Weeks of lives being put on the line. Weeks of crazy virtual school and half day schedule change. Weeks where I was expected to help my students continue learning. TWeeks of feeling like the students are silently suffering. Weeks of hearing they are worried about their parents. Weeks were the more privileged children do not understand how many people are truly starving in Venezuela. Weeks of feeling like I am locked in my apartment for safety. Weeks where tire burning roadblocks only directly affected my hill twice.Weeks were no change was actually made by the government.

These Weeks have been extremely hard to continue teaching. I do not think parents realize how much their kids understand and see. I had to use a lot of printable resources so work will be done in virtual school. I felt like I was just giving work for the sake of work. However, TIMESAVERS for specializes in printable, spelling activities, worksheets and downloadable teaching materials designed to save teachers valuable time. This also was helpful for parents working with their students. I used so much work with these documents which saved me a headache of having to explain projects to parents. Virtual School is hard enough without having issues of parents not understanding the work due to many of them only speaking Spanish. Also to save from headaches, I used these Find affordable early childhood curriculum resources to meet each child’s individual needs and prepare for kindergarten.Educators only…Guided Reading Short Reads Bundles Save an additional 10%. I can’t express enough having materials ready and set made these difficult days easier to send to parents.

Mental Health of the Children

These protests have an influence on the mental health of the students. I spent most of my time while at school listening to the students’ fears. They are scared for their families. They know what is happening and they feel stuck. They feel like they can’t help. They feel like their parents are too focused on the issues and feel less important to their parents. One way to settle the nerves with students is spending time with them. They need love from their parents. They want to have the quality time they felt like the use to have. A great way to spend more time with children is listening to ebooks online. Try a Start your Free 30 day Trial Now Listen to ANY one audiobook for Now. .

I spend at least 10 to 15 minutes talking to students about their fears. They are such adorable children. They do not want to upset their parents. They understand their parents need to protest. They just miss them and worry about them constantly. I had students say they love coming to school because they know the streets are safer vs. when virtual school is called.

Where Do We Go From Here?

We spend time with our children; students or our own flesh and blood. We try to have them feel important in the protests or in our own lives. Maybe they help to go shopping for the protestors. Maybe, if they are old enough, you bring them to a protest. Maybe you set aside moments where you need to text your child to let them know you are safe. Anything is better than nothing. But your child we highly appreciate a phone call, a love note left at home, or having them feel helpful for the cause.

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2 thoughts on “Venezuela- Weeks of Protests

  1. Jessica

    I have heard on the news, in social media, pretty much everywhere the struggle that Venezuela is going through. I have close friends who tell me the situations their family is in and how there is nothing they can do from the US. I can’t imagine how a child would feel not being able to be with their parents because they are out there fighting for their rights and trying to protect their family. I’m happy there is people like you to help them out during these tough times.

    1. Kristina Hines

      Hey Jessica

      I know parents her feel bad and they tell me all the time how they can’t stop or nothing will get better. It is said that many family members outside Venezuela can’t completely help other than be cheerleaders. It is a very frustrating time for many people here.

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