TEFL Certification Reviews – Get It and Go!

1. Premier TEFL

This site gives a search for overseas positions and also has an online TEFL certification.

1. Go Overseas

This site provides a search engine for teaching English abroad as well as programs abroad you can use to get your TEFL. Ths is great for young adults looking for a change while they travel. Although many Americans do not take a GAP year, this is a great way to have a gap year and still continue learning about yourself and teaching. Double check the TEFL programs that they require 10 hours in the classroom and 120 hours of studying. This is so you have enough practice and theory to be successful in the classroom. I loved that this site is not an online program but helps you find a program in the country you want to live in.

2. Go Abroad
Like, Go Overseas, this is a search engine to find where classes are offered and where jobs are. They do not necessary give guidance and you do not need to pay. Well, you pay for your TEFL certification.

3. Teach Away
This program will off their own TEFL certification. Their program is through the University of Toronto. This is a good sign since it is through an established University. The site provides a search where they show all English teacher posts. You do not need to pay to see these posts and you can also sign up where they email positions. Since I email directly positions, they get paid by the schools. These means that the school who pays more per head (hired teacher) they try to get those positions filled. This is not a bad thing but the school might be for profit or the places they will push or email may not be the country you originally wanted. However, the school they are pushing is real but it may not be the best-paid school in the area.


This company is accredited which is a good sign. They do seem to act as though you get a job right away. Keep in mind, you can get a job right away but it may be in a place that you do not want to work. Generally, they push Asia (China) and the Middle East. So I would be weary because if you have an exact location in mind this might not be the best option. For those people, I would recommend going through a summer program, meet staff and apply directly to them.

Scholastic Teacher Store Online


They offer the 100 hour and 120 hours courses. I recommend the 120 because the certificate is valid anywhere. The 100 is good for countries that accept 100 hours of study. So if you have a particular country in mind, I suggest asking schools in those countries which they prefer. Or ask the people you are going through and other agencies that get teachers abroad.

As always, make sure you are getting a degree that is accredicated through an established university or by other accrediating sources. Even if it is accrediated, check the last time they have been reviewed. JUST ASK! And finally, think of the locations you want and know it may happen for the next school year or not. Teaching abroad is like any other job, some locations and countries are better and more desirable than others. Those countries are harder to get a job in.

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6 thoughts on “TEFL Certification Reviews – Get It and Go!

  1. Hey Kristina,
    Thanks for your information about TEFL programs.You’re doing a great job by providing the right opportunity for the deserved ones. There are many lecturers in various countries who are pretty wise in English and related areas. All they worry is to get the right job with all facilities and good income in these sectors. By providing the right kind of programs and also the courses, I think I need to recommend others to have a look on your platform.Could you tell me more about that summer program? Thanks..

    1. Kristina Hines

      To be very truthful, this is completely through trial and error. Asking or thinking of the right questions will help. The best platform to find real opportunities for year-long teaching jobs (not only ESL/TEFL is TIEonline). If is the cheapest to sign up and really you are the only marketing yourself on the website and emailing schools directly.

      For summer volunteer programs, I adore world-teach. There might be paid opportunities in the summer but this is the time I generally go home and visit my family.

      What job are you looking for and I will be happy to investigate and help out?

  2. Adithya

    Hey Kristina,
    Great Job.Loved your other blogs.It’s wonderful to learn English in abroad.The way you have engaged your blog is neat and clean. I’m not sure whether this is my second comment on your page as I’m already given you my regards for your information.Anyways the moment I complete my studies I hope I will go through your program!

    1. Kristina Hines

      Hello Adithya,

      I do not have a program. Here I just highlight ideas and key concepts in looking for a program. Are you already a certified teacher? If so, I got an ESL certification and did English abroad teaching for 1 and a half years. Afterwards, I found jobs through TIEonline. It is also to teach English. But maybe in the future I will or can include English lessons via the site.

    2. Hey Kristina,
      Thanks for your reply.That’s good! What I meant is, right now I’m a student being into engineering but my first prior is learning American accent as a hobby now.I’m not sure whether I pursue it in future but having a bit of knowledge is quite essential to peep into available opportunities in the years to come.If at the chance I get an established university how would be the cost of stay and courses expenses? Whether they offer any scholarships for that?And what after the courses, will that be the guaranteed ticket in any country??

      1. Kristina Hines

        Okay but a TEFL certification is not necessarily fixing you accent. If it just a certification to teach oral English. So if you wanted to teach an adult class at a school or tutoring center, they would want you to have your TEFL. Costs vary because different places (countries) have different cost of living. However, I would say a standard cost for any certification in the United States is per academic hour. So they usually charge between $100-300 for an hour. Courses are usually 1.5 to 3 academic hours. These courses don’t guarantee anything. Like a college or university diploma does not guarantee you get a job. Does that make sense? Some of the organizations who offer TEFL certification can assist getting a job. However, most jobs might be in locations less desirable such as China (huge country and a lot of English teaching schools) or the Middle East. I am not sure scholarships are offered unless you apply separately and check with that establishment.

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