Steps to be an English Teacher Abroad- Easy and Simple

Step 1:

Research programs that get you TEFL certification. Many of the programs will also provide assistance or help to get a job abroad. Premier TEFL is on such program that gives you certification as well as training.


Step 2:

Think about your top choices in countries. Do your research. Look up everything about the new country. Peter and I generally skip this step which is why we worked in Caracas, Venezuela during one of the worst times in their economic history and a brink of violence. List them in order from wanting to move the most to least. What experiences do you want? If you want local friends, look up on how people treat foreigners. Although this is a stereotype, it will at least open your eyes to how a good percent of people think.


Step 3:

Say yes to a job.


Step 4:

Contact the embassy to the country you are moving to. Prepare all your paperwork. The Visa process is the most stressful. You think the American government works slow. Kuwait and Venezuela both are extremely slow compared to America. China is generally quicker in all government offices. Many countries require health checks and some require STD checks.


Step 5:

While preparing paperwork, keep in contact with the school. Request to speak to team members. Request to speak to any teacher. Get a general idea of what you are walking into.


Step 6:

Find out what you need to pack. Many countries do not have or offer what America or western cultures have available. What are you most items? Is shipping accessible in the country you are moving to? How long do shipments take? Peter love his Yorkshire tea. Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Tea Bags, 240-Count I make sure we have a half year supply when we go over. This gives enough time before shipments can arrive, which has more Yorkshire tea. Believe me, after a long workday having a comfort makes it feel normal.


Step 7:

Decide if you are a two suitcase kinda person or do you need everything. I met both kinds of teachers. Peter and I are two suitcases type of people. Get vacuum air bags and begin packing. Start with things you need but you don’t use daily or weekly.You may want to consider getting TSA locks. 4 Pack TSA Approved Travel Combination Cable Luggage Locks for Suitcases & Backpacks – Black Also, here are some great ideas for suitcases. U.S Traveler Rio Carry-On Lightweight Expandable Rolling Luggage Suitcase Set – Royal Blue (15-Inch And 21-Inch)


Step 8:

Tie up loose ends in America or the west. Or tie them up as best as possible. The less you need to worry about the better.


Step 9:

Skype accounts need to be ready. Speak to family and friends how you want to keep in contact.


Step 10:

Finish packing. Throw a going away party or meet up for dinner. Saying goodbye is always the hardest but this is what you need to get used to as an international teacher.

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