Recruitment Agencies.

Recruitment Agencies. 

Recruitment Agencies.

When the recruitment agency is good and well organized they are extremely helpful in getting you a job abroad. I have used two programs which I like a lot, however, there are tons of options. My biggest recommendation is if the recruitment agency tries to seek out you, they are filling a lot of positions for one school. This could be a scam or just a really bad school.

I have used the following agencies. I gave them 1 to 5 stars. 1 star means only sign up if you are desperate! 5 stars mean they are excellent.


WorldTeach: 3 stars

TeachAnywhere: 2 stars

TIEonline: 5 stars


Recruitment agencies, however, save you the consumer a lot of time. I have knowledge on what other helpful websites that offer reviews of the school you are currently looking. This makes making international school teaching jobs easy to research.


Sometimes the recruitment agency is not fully in charge and the country you will be working in is very difficult. All three of the countries I have worked in prove many difficulties. However, an open mind and trying not to compare to America/United States or any western country is usually for the best. I have stopped comparing Venezuela to the United States because they are two different countries. So recruitment agencies based in western countries try their best to offer the accommodations they have promised but it comes down to the country you work in and the school you work for.


What was your experience like using different recruitment agencies? Which is your favorite? Do you have horror stories? I would love to hear about it and feature other people’s opinions here at Send an email to