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World Teach was a fantastic experience. I was humbled by fundraising. I was humbled while working in China. And at the end of my month journey, I told my supervisor, “Get me a job and I will come back!”

World Teach was very helpful getting you information. They were a great program to get your feet wet. I would recommend a summer program first to anyone unsure if they should international teach. Summer programs usually cost the volunteer money. However, I enjoyed the process of fundraising. It challenged me. I hate begging for money and I did not want to feel like I was doing that. Summer programs also last a shorter amount of time. I never missed home during the time of the summer program. So this could be a great step if someone is unsure they will like working in a foreign country with new friends.


However, keep in mind that World Teach is a platform where you teach oral English. So if you are looking to teach Grade 5 or Chemistry abroad, this program is not the best fit. However, I think it gave me the sense of what I would experience living in a new country. This was my greatest fear. Could I live in another country?

For the summer programs, you will need to fundraise. For the year-long programs, World Teach generally covers most of the cost. I found my time in China was wonderful! This is why I went back as an Oral English teacher at a University (where my supervisor worked) and the middle school, where I did bi-weekly classes. I did not make a lot of money. I made under $800 a month. However, I managed to save about $3,000 dollars while traveling within China and Thailand during my Chinese New Year break.

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2 thoughts on “Review of World Teach

  1. Shanna

    I have considered doing programs like this in the past, and still toy around with the idea sometimes. I love to teach, and love to travel and experience other cultures. For me, the burning question, and probably the main thing that holds me back, is whether or not this or that program is legit, or safe, whether it will bring me to reasonably safe place, or just leave me stranded somewhere in a foreign country. Do you have any tips about choosing a good program, or evaluating programs to make sure they’re reputable?

    1. Kristina Hines

      If you already are a teacher that is certified TIEonline is fabulous. You contact schools directly and mainly I found living in the country is more of a struggle but the schools are reasonable.

      If you are not a teacher, I really loved working with WorldTeach. They do help you out. The shorter programs like I mentioned cost the volunteer money but you only have to live in different conditions for 2 months or less.

      I know the squatting toilets in China are very difficult to get use to. Once you do, I forget their is western toilets available in hotels. So again, that is mainly researching what is a standard in the country you are living in. WorldTeach goes to other countries as well. So I would definitely say they are not a scam or fraudulent but the country may not be up to one’s comfort of living. This is what I mainly see/hear when I hear horror stories.

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