Review of Mac in a Sac- Traveling Raincoats

Overall Rank

On Mac in a Sac Website, it received 5 stars from about 900 customers. They have a great color variation. Many customers are extremely happy. Also, Mac in a Sac is proactive and tries to fix and sort out issues from their products. They want you to have a truly great experience. This company is based in England.

Product Description

Rainproof raincoats that can fold up nice and tiny for ease of packing and travel. I need this when I travel since during my week or 2-week holidays I want to pack as light as possible. Also, I usually only bring 2 suitcases whenever I move somewhere. I want my clothes and belongings to be able to shrink and fit in my suitcases. Also, to not be overweight. So a raincoat that can roll up into a small bag sounds like the perfect product to add to my suitcases when I travel the world. Who’s with me?

Pros & Cons

Pros are always nice to start with, I will start there.

1. Folds up on its own to a small bag.
2. Variety fo colors to choose from.
3. Associated with TargetDry, a highly rated outdoor company.
4. Not too expensive.
5. Lightweight and breathable.

Some cons I came across just seem to be a pile of bad luck. Sizes were smaller than anticipated. So if someone is shopping from outside the UK I would suggest comparing how sizes are different than your own country. Also, the product ripped within a few days. This issue can easily be fixed within the 2-year guarantee.


20 pounds to 30 pounds per coat.
This I fee like is a fair price for a quality product.


Every customer enjoys a 2-year guarantee for the product. I think this is a great amount of time to see if this product is for you and for you to use in on the exciting holidays we experience in International Teaching!

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2 thoughts on “Review of Mac in a Sac- Traveling Raincoats

  1. Louise

    These raincoats look very smart and seem very good value. I presume they are very light to carry and pack up very small. I do a lot of travelling so am always looking at ways to save space (and weight) – these look good to me!

    I also like the fact they come with a 2-year guarantee. What other colours do they come in?


    1. Kristina Hines

      HI Louise, 

      The coat style I have picture comes only in black. I think because this color they consider unisex. The ladies version comes in brown, light green,  light purple, red, navy and a light blue. The male version comes in darker colors such as Navy, grey and a dark green. 

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