Programs to Learn- Mom’s Choices

1. Curious World

This is a super-cool APP on iPads or smartphones. It is owned by a well-known textbook company. This is extremely cool for the kiddos between ages 2-7 because it is reflecting what they learn in school and providing building blocks before they get to school. There are tons of videos that they categorize by age. This means little time to watch content to double check if it is appropriate. YouTube channels are great, but you would need to spend time watching each video to make sure it is appropriate for your child. Videos are great but this app also provides games. We all know children love playing. If they love what they are doing than learning is easy and naturally takes place. You can choose yearly or monthly subscriptions. This is between 10 and 80 dollars.

2. Online Newspapers for kids

Online newspapers give children current events articles which are easier for them to answer. They are interactive and fun. This is also a great way to get them interested in current events, scientific reasoning, and critical thinking skills. Who doesn’t love that? A few suggestions below that I find useful as a teacher.

Scholastic, even using Scholastic Teacher Store Online
National Geographic
Zoobooks: This I found to be interesting is Zoobooks offers a program for 1-3 years old. Start their curious minds earlier!

3. KHAN Academy
This is a great resource. Teachers that sign up can sign up for free. I am unclear if a parent signs up if it is also free. KHAN academy aligns itself with MAP testing. It has great instructional videos about topics in Math and gives standardized test questions. This is geared to 2nd-grade students or older. Students highly enjoy using KHAN academy in class.


This is a free website for teachers. It is definitely geared to higher grades because the focus is on reading comprehension. However, the stories are shorter and many students can do two or three stories in 20 minutes at their correct reading level. I use this as an alternative to the more childish versions such as RAZ-Kids.

5. Study Island
Many schools use this program and it is a lot of fun and very effective. It connects to the curriculum and is aimed at school-aged children. If you want you can always give Study Island a try. I suggest you try Study Island today!

6. Reading Eggs
This program is geared to 4 to 11 years odd. It concentrates on the building blocks of language. It reviews Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension through interactive games online. It is the Online Phonics Program That Kids Love. Parents are highly satisfied with this game. This product is ideal for children between 3 to 11 years old. They offer tons of options: monthly for $9.95, 6 months for $49.95 and 1 year for $75. Also, you can get workbooks. Great program and a great cost.

learn to read online

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4 thoughts on “Programs to Learn- Mom’s Choices

  1. Marlaine

    I like the idea of electronic games and programs to help with learning. Especially children who struggle with school work really benefit from extra lessons and practice at home… but often these very children are the ones who really need some down time and some time to play! Apps like Curious World and other that you mention are great for combining the two, and making “extra learning” fun and exciting!
    I like that you can select age appropriate videos and games on Curious World – like you, I prefer not to waste a lot of time previewing kiddie shows LOL.
    I don’t have any kids in school yet, but I can totally see both of them loving your suggestions. Thanks!

    1. Kristina Hines

      I am all about giving kids down time. I absolutely hate giving homework and try my hardest to avoid giving extra work. I just want provide programs that parents can use if they want to. Students under fifth grade don’t benefit from extra work but weekend’s weekends and reading every night is important. I think most of my suggestion focus on reading. Reading and sharing that experience is the greatest. I remember and love reading with my family.

  2. Noa

    Dear Kristina,
    This has been mind-opening for me! I have two children, 2 & 8 years old, and it never crossed my mind to look for educational apps and learning games. We live in Israel, where mastering the English language is crucial to the child’s progress in society. I think these apps you’ve mentioned could help enhance their vocabulary greatly, and I am definitely looking into them! My husband is a high-school math and physics teacher, and he’d love to work abroad (his English is perfect), so I’m going to look into the rest of your website now… thanks for this post, it feels like karma sent it to me:)

    1. Kristina Hines

      Hi Noa,

      Excellent! Yes, there is many countries who hire outside of the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. I know one college from Venezuela has taught in other South American countries and they also have taught in Eastern Europe. I am sure many schools who need to fill positions and the interview goes well will be happy to hire outside these sections. I think your English is pretty excellent as well! 

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