Practice English on Skype-First 3 Conversations Free

Working abroad, I have learned quickly that practicing English you know is the hardest piece to master or become fluent. I have also figured out that when I learn a new language practice, no matter how embracing, is crucial!

I want to help those who want to learn English. Skype is a great resource and should be used! Conversations are key to using the new language. Students go home in the summer and do not practice English because no one in their family speaks English.

While practicing, I will be glad to speak with people on a variety of topics. Some ideas are but not limited to…
1. Small Talk (getting to know each other)
2. Relationships
3. Health
4. Exercise
5. Likes and dislikes
6. Travel
7. Jobs/Careers
8. News articles
9. School/education essay questions
10. Thoughts on Youtube videos
11. Social Media
12. Celebrity News

I do not want you to feel like I will be teaching or preaching. This will feel like a conversation between friends. So in other words, to make any conversation interesting disagreement can develop our thoughts as well as practice English. So in other words, I will not be doing tons of research but will give my opinions and what my experiences have been. I would like to you know your experience or what you have researched.

Why choose me?
I have taught children in international schools and in Chinese schools for 6 years. Practicing is the hardest part. I am patient from working with children. I will be willing to figure out what you need to benefit first. I have worked with teachers who wanted to practice their English and found comfort in speaking to a friendly face.

My main advice is to practice speaking every day. If you have people in your life you can practice with, that is excellent! However, living abroad, I have learned so many people know English but they feel uncomfortable speaking. Let’s break that ice together.

Now, I mentioned the first 3 sessions are free. I am doing this because I want to make sure that this is what you want and I would love to hear feedback after each session. Do I need to do more? Was this what you were expecting? What were you expecting? Could I make the experience better? After the first three sessions, for 30 minutes will be $5.00 and for 1 hour will be $10.00. Everyone loves buying in bulk, so 10 sessions for 30 minutes is $30.00 and 10 sessions for 1 hour is $60.00.
If you didn’t notice, this means that you purchase 10 sessions, you get an addition 4 lessons at no cost to you! How cool is that?

Starting in August, I will be living in Mongolia. Before then, I will be between America and Spain.

So comment below if you want to give a try. Comment below if you have used this service and found it helpful.

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4 thoughts on “Practice English on Skype-First 3 Conversations Free

  1. Mei Scarlet

    Hello Teacher! I am very excite learn English . I try very much and practice . I want to learn more to speak better . I think you are very good , and speak English so good. I want to travel to England to continue study and learn in one year . So I want to practice and speak English very good. too. I have skype so I can learn with you . How do I do it ? To take a lesson with you .

    Thank you. T. 🙂 I come from Japan .

  2. Josh Ellery

    What a great idea, to practise english on skype. There are many apps where you can pay people to do english with them but the lessons aren’t as personal as what you offer. You are pretty cheap compared to most people and you actually have teaching experience of another language!

    1. Kristina Hines

      Cheers x

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