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Little Time to Prepare

As an International teacher, we have anywhere between 2 to 1 week (sometimes just a weekend) to create a magically learning space for children. That is such a short time!


  1. Have your door decorated! It should be related to things the students like or just plain funny. I always say the funnier the better. When students laugh the first day of school, they relax a lot faster and start to trust you quicker.
  2. Bulletin Boards: Focused by subject area and should have space or opportunity for student work underneath. Students love when their hard work is plastered all over the place. My bulletin boards have helpful hints for what we are learning and have student work underneath or along the side!


Positive Environment

My one and only propriety are for students to like me. I do this by following through with my instruction and procedures. However, I also smile the first day of school too. Many teacher guides tell you not to smile until Christmas. I find that insane. I want to enjoy teaching. Students also enjoy learning when they have a teacher that is happy. Working abroad I got to work with Beth Baker. What an amazing woman! She co-wrote PBIS. This is a great methodology for any and all classrooms.


Do you have additional ideas? Have you done something cool in your classroom? I would love to hear about it. I would also love to feature fellow overseas teachers and their great work. Send an email to

2 thoughts on “My Classroom

  1. Melanie

    Hi Kristina,

    Thank you four article and you give some very good suggestions on preparing your learning space. agree with all of them, but I would also like add to the list that having pictures around the room can also help create a great learning and less formal environment. A smile will definitely go a long way.

    1. Kristina Hines

      Agreed! As an international teacher you are given so little time initially. So over time pictures of different learning actvities or pre-made posters are excellent.

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