Mongolian Visa- Easiest Process


Best visa process!

Teaching internationally can be tough with obtaining visas. Mongolia has been the least stressful visa process I have experienced.

I worked with the school in the beginning stages. They asked for typically things such as an HIV test, credentials, health/doctor recommendation, and background check. The school then processes the information for a VISA code.

For me, the wait between the Visa code and submitting the documents was the worst. I get a feeling I want to get things down ASAP. So this was a personal problem. However, the school received the code within a 2 week period they predicted.

You send the code, flight information and a money order to the embassy with a pre-addressed envelope. Finished!

Kuwait was the most difficult. Venezuela required an interview for USA citizens. China requires more now. Mongolia is the most relaxed visa process and I believe a great first step to working abroad!

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2 thoughts on “Mongolian Visa- Easiest Process

  1. Daniella

    Hi Kristina,

    Great article, I’ve found very useful!
    One of my dreams is to visit Mongolia, it seems to be a beautiful country, but so far I’ve never had the chance to go there.Just a question, please. What about people from Europe? Is it as easy as for the US citizen to receive a Mongolia visa?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Kristina Hines

      Yes. My fiance is a UK resident and his was just as easy to get a work permit. I believe EU citizens do not need to do much for a tourist visa but if they do it will be similar as providing flight details. 

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