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Mom, I’m Bored!


What parents out there have heard this sentence? I am sure on a daily basis. I hear it at school as a teacher. Usually, I hear this sentence when they need to do work they do not enjoy. So during math class (if they feel they are not good in math) or writing class (if they feel like they can’t write). Being bored can be good for children. It activates the creative process to figure out what to do so they are not as bored. Summer vacation is approaching and now mamas have their children all day. I bet, “I’m bored!” will ring in your ears every day. Some days let your children figure out what they will do to overcome their boredom but other days check out these resources to add to your repertoire.

Looking back to when I was a child, I am sure I said this to my mom. Heck, I still say this to my mom when I come home. Usually, it is because I am in summer mode while my parents and family are in work mode. They are not educators so do not have the summer when they can get more free time. As an international teacher, I more or less have the summer’s off. This is a huge plus! Talk to teachers in the United States or the United Kingdom. I bet they do not feel like their summers are free and wide open.

Anyway, parents can help continue lessons and learning through a variety of methods. My mom did the militant method. She brought us workbooks and in order to play or do something fun, we needed to have a certain amount of worksheets or pages in the book done. Also, fully correct! Looking back, I thank my mom for pushing us academically throughout the summer. Teaching Mama is a great resource. All her resources are downloaded right to your computer! Also, they are fun and interactive. Not like my mom’s workbooks. You can interact with your child and build their oral communication skills.

Cool Activities

I know it is summer and not spring, but the activities in this bundle for only $3.00 is great and very into science. This will support science classes in kindergarten to grade 3.

Living vs. Nonliving Things (printable)
Investigating Flowers (printable)
Plant Life Cycle (printable)
Growing Seeds (printable)
Sink or Float (printable)
Why Rain is Important
Making Rainbows (printable)
Earthworm Habitat
Tree Bark
All About Eggs (printable)

Again the winter bundle is always $3.00. It has a few science experiments and refers to the 3 states of matter.

Snowstorm in a Jar
Making Ice Grow
Homemade Frost (printable)
Floating Ice Cube
Making Icicles (printable)
Melting Snow
Building with Ice Cubes
Melting Ice (printable)
Pinecone Water Experiment (printable)
Blubber & Ice Experiment (printable)

Winter Science Packet


Maybe you have a young toddler. Are they beginning school soon? These are great ideas for our preschool students. This bundle is $10.00! You can begin teaching and do fun and interactive lessons for preschoolers. Get them ready to learn by doing similar activities at home. Who knows? Maybe your Pre-K teacher will do similar activities. This means your child can activate prior knowledge and give great opinions and points in discussions. Pre-K, Preschool, and Kindergarten are full of kids discussing topics! They will feel accomplished, which will help them in the long run.

The Preschool Journey


Or maybe you want 100 activities for your little ones. This is also $10.00 and a great resource, to begin with, the little ones. Another great resource to use and this will also help build that background knowledge to help in their future studies. Education doesn’t need to be strict. You learn so much by fun, interactive activities.

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  1. Hasnain

    Really helpful content there for mothers for little kids. I would love to know more in-depth information about these suggestions. 

    Everyone’s looking for these ideas because little ones are hard work in the summer. Thank you to all the teachers that do such a great job during the school year. With my family and other people’s children. 

    Thank you

    1. Kristina Hines

      Today, I will be happy to go through the website and add more details! Come check it out!

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