Checklist for Moving to A Foreign Country- Easy to Follow

Moving abroad can be hard. Especially saying all of those goodbyes can break hearts. But this checklist makes packing for you new and exciting adventure easy. Remember, ask what products are in the country and what you can find. The less materialistic you are the easier it is to live anywhere.

      1. Passport with at least 6 months validity. (You can always get a new passport once you move to a new country at the USA Embassy. Make sure you fill the new job’s requirements. Sometimes they would like at least a year.)
      2. Clothes for the seasons you will be living in. I always found I could buy clothes abroad. China is harder the heavier you are or for bigger sizes. I could only find form fitting clothes there and during my time in China, I preferred baggy clothes.
      3. Keep all important documents in two places. I bring a folder with me with ALL my health checks and documentation. Copies of my passport, birth certificate, Social Security, Credit Cards, and anything else important. I also keep a copy at home. Therefore, if something happens I have two copies made and can fix any paperwork dilemmas quickly. I never needed to thus far. But you never know. I know many countries want you to get an STD check. Clicking the link, you get $10 off your purchase.
      4. Figure out the top 5 things you can’t live without. Ask if you can find these products or brand names in the country your moving to. If you can’t bring at least a 6 month supply. If shipping is not good, bring a 10 month supply so you have those items and feel comfortable and at home.
      5. Money to exchange or local currency. I would say about 300 to 500 dollars for the first month of working can have you be fairly comfortable and depending on where you move can help set up a few things such as new furniture (if you are a nester) or pieces of artwork. This will come with time but it is not to not feel like your waiting for a paycheck.
      6. Ideas and plans for travel. As an international teacher, you get more breaks than I feel my United States friends do. You also have enough money to get in a few international destinations check off the bucket list. Having a few ideas of what you want to see is great. Air tickets are cheapest about 8-6 weeks before travel. Also, check what kind of visas are needed for tourists and most of the time this paperwork can be done in a host country. If not get VISAs over the summer for your bucket list destinations.


    1. Charity thinking: Ask the school if there is something the local teachers need. They love getting goodies from their international teacher friends.
    2. Ask the school if school supplies are needed to purchase. What can you find in the country? What would you need to bring?

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5 thoughts on “Checklist for Moving to A Foreign Country- Easy to Follow

  1. Aydo

    A sweet concise article!

    The kind that makes you feel like wanting to read more (as it is a joyful read), but you’re convinced that there is nothing more to say!

    I like the clothing one!
    Lol, Chinese guys are little (no offense), so it’s hard to find potentially big sizes,
    I never thought of it, cool!

    You forgot the teeth brush, Lol (jk)

    Thank you for the helpful article Kristina 🙂

    1. Kristina Hines

      Yes the toothbrush! I always buy that 3-pack for the beginning of the school year. I am glad my writing is slightly amusing. Are you planning on moving anywhere?

  2. Well, just fantasizing for the moment, Lol
    Waiting to become financially free (totally) 😉

  3. jeffrey16201

    Very interesting post on moving to a foreign country, I never knew you could move to a foreign country and then get your passport before reading your post.

    Great tips for relocating to another country, you have shared things I would never have considered which are very helpful to make the move easier and less confusing.

    1. Kristina Hines

      Well, you do need a passport, just most countries want at least six months validity. So you can get a new passport in the next country. Usually, it is the smaller passport option which is 25 pages. So to clarify you need a passport/visa to move but it does not need to be valid for long (certain countries). 

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