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You Need a Classroom Website for the Parents

How many teachers out there have heard this sentence from the administration? I bet everybody. Well on the international school circuit, the administration will say this statement a lot but also provide no real support or system. I have worked at three schools that wanted a classroom website. None of them purchased a platform the whole school uses. All of them, wanted me to update parents on this website.
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What Do I Use?

I have used many three websites to create a classroom website. I will compare and contrast all three. The main question you may need to ask is what is the purpose of the web page. Is it to inform parents? Is it for students to use themselves and achieve learning? Is it so you can have virtual school when the country you are working for goes into a revolution? Either way here is the three I have used.

1. Wealthy Affiliate

This website uses SiteRubix to give free domains and a domain platform. With a free subscription, you have two free websites. As a teacher, free always sounds great. All the free websites are clean and crisp and you can do so much added to pages and posts in your WordPress website.

You can create posts and pages that fall into Categories. For example, if I were making my classroom website, I would want homework, newsletters, calendar or reminders, helpful tips, program recommendations(if you want to earn money on commissions), classroom websites, student writing center, class pictures, classroom curriculum, and conferences. These categories will extend to pages and posts that you can link to a category. This makes it easy for parents and students to navigate.

During times of virtual school, the teacher can take screen shots of math problems or upload documents to share with the class.

Essentially, on Wealthy Affiliate, your free domain website can possibly earn you a bit of cash if you affiliate yourself to teacher and parent resources for education. This is easily done and I would be glad to show and help you.

2. Wix

Wix also offers a free platform. You can add just as much however you do not get the option of categories. Wix can be daunting because it gives too many options and also because if you are not OCD with your creation of a Wix website it can look sloppy.

For virtual school, I had a few parents contact me because they were confused how to retrieve documents. Quite frankly, it was a headache. However, I really like this site if the main purpose is for the students. You can make it look extremely kid friendly. Just apparently, not adult friendly.


3. Google Websites

Many schools use a google platform and you can create google websites. I found this platform the most confusing, the most challenging and quite frankly a boring website. I do not think it is user-friendly and it requires a lot of work to look decent.

I used this website for about 3 months and gave up. I switched to Wix and now I am happy as can be using wealthy affiliate.




Even if your end goal is to make a beautiful website to inform parents and upload homework, Wealthy Affiliate has a place for you. You can sign up for free and Course One gets you set up to make a beautiful website. There are so many people on the platform to help answer questions. And maybe in the future, you would want to try to monetize a website. Whether you want to earn extra income or create a free clean website, choose Wealthy Affiliate is great. Wix is a close second. Google Websites give me a headache and make me want to cry.

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