All About Me

Hi, everyone! My name is Kristina Hines. I graduated Cedar Crest College in Allentown, PA in 2011. I did my undergrad in 3.5 years! I always had a passion for teaching.  When I started teaching dance classes at 13 years old in my community, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. My dad asked me, “Do you like dance better or teaching better?” It was obvious I enjoyed inspiring and teaching others more. Now, I am an international teacher traveling the world on a teacher salary. It is incredible and an experience I want to share with others.

Taj Mahal. Great trip while working in Kuwait. 🙂


After I began working and teaching abroad, I found myself. I know, that sounds cliche, but I truly did. I was the girl in elementary classes that was bullied for being a different body shape than the others. I was the awkward middle school student who chopped half her hair off and dyed it black for some odd reason. Next, I was the high school student who didn’t have many friends so I focused my time and energy at work. Being abroad and experiencing new cultures, people, and lifestyles I have developed myself.


In China, a park that was used and the inspiration for Avatar.


I want to help someone just like me to get out of the comfort of the shadows and become their true self. This is truly the happiest I have been. I miss my family terribly, however, Skype and facebook keep me in contact with them virtually every moment!


I am here to help inspire, answer questions and above all, is share my experience in hope you can decide which is the best path for you.


Love and sending hugs,

Kristina Hines

I will love to help. Send an email with any questions at