3 Funniest Moments Abroad- Students Are Funny!

Students always make me laugh. The curious mind is such a great thing. Here are some funny moments that I laugh whenever I think about. I hope I continue to get these funny moments over my career. Although, seeing the lightbulb moment is great as a teacher. Your struggling reader can read. Your student who couldn’t add, can now! I think I enjoy teaching more with the funny every interactions where I become “friends” with my students. They are absolutely hilarious. Probable should have a youtube channel! I think one of these kids does. Hopefully, it is private.


“Miss, do you know how to twerk?”

Last days teaching in Kuwait, and during this month twerking became a thing. Now, I know the students were cleaning up and packing up since they were about to leave. Usually, I like to play kids bop during this time so they can sing and pack up. Student Dance Master comes up to me and says, “Miss I have a very serious question!”

“Okay go ahead.”

“Can I ask you outside? I do not want the other students to know?”


We walk outside the classroom.

“Miss, do you know how to twerk?”

Ummmm. Do I answer honestly at this point? Do I lie? I was in the middle east. I laughed so loud at first because I had to think which direction I was going to go.

“Miss I mean it! Do you know how to twerk?” I guess I laughed too long.

“Well, I know what twerking is. I guess I could learn how to twerk since I have taken dance class before but I have not twerked before. Have you?”

“No, I want to learn. I thought you could teach me.”

“Well, I am not an expert. But maybe you should enroll in a dance class.”

“Good Idea. I’ll ask my dad.”

Luckily this was a boy student, so maybe he is now enrolled in a dance class. Not that female students couldn’t take a dance class but I would guess hip-hop lessons and few and far between for the girls in my class than boys. I did a dance club and was told it should be ballet. This was the only way the school would let me hold a dance club.


“Miss, you are not that good of a teacher!”

Every morning, my students work on handwriting or a math worksheet. I do handwriting because parents in Venezuela want neat beautiful handwriting. Honestly, it is best to give parent’s what they want. So the scene is all the students are working in their handwriting book. I was at the computer taking attendance. “Two more minutes, and when you hear the bell can Student A, B and C collect handwriting books.”

Student Sarcastic raises his hand. “Yes, Student Sarcastic?”

“Miss I wanted you to know you’re not that good of a teacher!”

“Oh well thank you for informing me. However, sometimes when you do not have that good of a student it becomes different.”

The rest of the class yelled, “TURNED DOWN FOR WHAT!” I never understood why or how they adopted this phrase but they did. And before everyone tells me I was mean here. I kinda was. Student Sarcastic was laughing so hard.

“Yes, miss you got me!”

One week later, I had parent conferences and I shared this story with Student Sarcastic’s mom. She also found this completely hilarious and said her child loves me and loves that I constantly joke with him. So I think the love is mutual and I only show this humor to students who show this humor to me. I do like my job!


“Mom, I mean Miss!”

This happens at least 20 times a year. I get called mom by 3 or 4 students per yer. They seem to think my loving and caring personality is like their moms. I sometimes question if this is a good thing or bad thing. But generally, moms work really hard for their children so I settle that is a good thing. This past week one of the students literally called me mommy. This was the last week of school in Venezuela. The protest and unrest of the country made the school close three days earlier. We also had a ton of half days and virtual school days the past month. But one little girl called me mommy the last seven days. She didn’t say, “Oh no, I meant Miss!” She even corrected herself after calling me miss and said, “I mean mommy.”


I have a feeling due to the uncertainty of the situation she found stability in me. I only found this funny because she would correct herself when referring to me as “miss”. Every morning was “Goodmorning, mommy.” Every day at noon dismissal was “Good-bye Mommy and stay safe.” The few moments during the day she would correct herself saying miss with mommy. It was endearing and cute that I let it happen and started calling her daughter. She found this funny and I probably perpetuated the situation longer. But it provided the additional love and support we all need at the end of the school year.


I will miss the students in Venezuela so much. They made me laugh and cry. Above all, I feel sad that their childhood is taken the back seat due to unrest and protest.

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2 thoughts on “3 Funniest Moments Abroad- Students Are Funny!

  1. Marcus

    Hey Kristina

    Thanks for sharing these hilarious and heart-warming stories.

    It really sounds like you are enjoying teaching abroad. I am not myself a teacher, but I live abroad (in China) and I have a few friends who are teachers. They also share some stories now and then, but they are mostly about Chinese students who are terrible at English haha.

    Did you ever teach in Asia before? I understood that there are good opportunities in many of the really big cities.

    1. Kristina Hines

      Hi Marcus, 

      I first taught in China. I loved those students. They were so sweet. I was invited to so many dinners and lunches with families. I also got chicken feet and other snacks as gifts. I adored those students. I am moving to Mongolia next school year, so I am hoping to have a similar experience. I think focusing on the level of English can be easy but some of these kids are so funny! 

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